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5 UK tech firms using AI to transform healthcare

Artificial intelligence is everywhere: your smartphone, on streaming platforms such as Spotify and Netflix and even in some smart home appliances.

But can the technology, which has seemingly caught the attention of most VCs across the world, be used in the realm of healthcare to drive efficiency and optimise patient outcomes?

We take a look at some of the UK’s most promising companies using AI to transform the healthcare space.

Google DeepMind Health

No list of this kind would be complete without a mention of DeepMind, a British artificial intelligence company founded in 2010 and acquired by tech giant Google for a reported £400m four years later.

DeepMind Health is leveraging machine learning technology – a form of AI – to boost the medical research field. In order to do so, the firm uses the technology to analyse swathes of medical data to improve the way in which disease is diagnosed and treated....