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4 tech startups on coping with Brexit and what is the need of the hour

Image credits: Andres Garcia Martin/Shutterstock

Having left the EU over a year ago and a trade agreement with the bloc now agreed, home-grown tech innovators are finding their feet in the new business landscape. Already COVID-19 continues to affect global supply chains. Facing significant challenges to both importing and exporting, Wholesale + Retail Trade companies received 15% of loans across industries, with 40% of these companies in London. With the need to adhere to EU regulations, what does the future look like for British tech startups?  

We spoke to Champion 3D, Azimo, Metomic and CircleCi, to find out how they are managing to cope up with the lockdown, peak pandemic, and of course Brexit. How are they managing and what are the real problems?

Champion 3D

Champion 3D: Least amount of red-tape and bureaucracy required to grow across EU 

Following Brexit, the UK companies are seeing a change in the access rights to the EU market, which is directly impacting their revenue. On the other hand, the supply chain is becoming complex due to customs inspections and regulatory requirements. ...