25 startup founders share their inspiring journeys

There’s no magic formula for creating a successful startup, but a lot can be learned from the 25 inspirational entrepreneurs featured in the latest volume of AWS Startup Stories – Notes from Founders.

From conjuring a global brand out of thin air, to helping 18,000 women get pregnant, these successful founders are applying fresh thinking to age old problems. The five chapters include personal anecdotes from visionaries who’ve built businesses by spotting opportunities others miss. The result is an engaging, insightful and very personal collection of inspiring stories.

Download today and discover:

● How Ricky Knox, co-founder of Tandem Bank and his fintech startup are giving banks a run for their money.

● Why it was third time lucky for Finnish games startup, Small Giant Games, whose global hit has now been downloaded over 10 million times.

● What Noor Al Hassan had to go through to transform Ureed from a startup zero to monumental hero.

● How first-time mother, Michelle Kennedy, founded Peanut and created a 500,000+ member support network that brings together and empowers new mums.

● What the biggest challenge Relay42 co-founder Koen Bos faced in his mission to help high-profile brands communicate with their customers more effectively.

All the featured startups have one thing in common – they run their infrastructure in the AWS Cloud. This allows them to scale and innovate quickly, and fully leverage the incredible potential of AWS technology.

Startup Stories aims to inspire those with the guts and determination to start their own business. It also celebrates and supports the achievements of entrepreneurs already pursuing their dreams.

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