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10 ways Brexit will change the lives of tech startups in UK and EU

Boris Johnson Brexit
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Things will now be different with post-Brexit trade and security arrangements finally being taken care of, after four and a half years. With Brexit coming into full effect, there are a multitude of changes coming about, which one needs to take heed of. Some of these changes will impact businesses and startups too, and we take a look at 10 ways Brexit will change the lives of tech startups that are not only UK-based but also operate in the EU. 

1) There’s a lot of new paperwork for business owners  

With Brexit, business owners will need to deal with a lot of new rules and regulations, and paperwork. Now, business owners will need to perform a customs declaration if they take goods to sell them abroad or use for business. 

For imports, a business needs an EORI number that starts with GB to import goods into England, Wales or Scotland. Businesses may also need to hire someone to deal with customs and transport the goods for them, or they can do it themselves. Importers will also need to check what new licences and certificates they may now need. ...