10 UK firms make it onto WIRED Europe’s 100 hottest startups list

A number of London-based tech firms have made it into the WIRED ‘Europe’s 100 hottest startups’ magazine supplement. Running annually since 2011, the list is a collection of startups considered ‘hot’ by Europe’s investors.

This year, 10 London-based startups made it onto the list. These are:

Property Partner (FinTech)

Property Partner is a crowdfunding platform that enables anyone to invest in residential property. The firm closed a £15.9m Series B funding round led by Octopus Ventures in March this year.

Student.com (PropTech)

An online marketplace to assist international students in finding accommodation, Student.com has also made it onto the list. This follows its $60m funding round earlier this year.

Babylon (HealthTech)

Digital healthcare service Babylon enables users to book video or phone consultations with GPs. It is also using artificial intelligence technology to aid the diagnostic process. The firm raised $25m in Series A funding at the beginning of this year.

Magic Pony Technology (Artificial Intelligence)

Magic Pony Technology has been developing machine-learning based approaches for web processing. Acquired by Twitter in June, it is unsurprising that the firm has made the 100 hottest startup list.

Osper (FinTech)

Aiming to encourage under 18s to bank, Osper is a branchless bank offering prepaid debit cards and a banking app to those aged from eight to 18. The firm’s most recent investment was the $10m it raised in June 2014.

Deliveroo (On-demand food delivery)

On-demand food delivery service Deliveroo has taken the country by storm this year, most recently securing $275m in Series E funding.

Winnow (food/waste management)

Winnow provides a smart waste solution by measuring food thrown away and helping businesses adjust their buying and waste habits accordingly. The startup closed a $3.3m Series A round in January this year.

Improbable (Gaming)

Improbable aims to build online gaming worlds. The firm launched SpatialOS, an operating system designed to allow developers to build online worlds at mass scale, in November last year.

Carwow  (E-commerce)

Car comparison site Carwow allows users to search for their desired model, features and target price, then dealerships compete to match this or place a best offer. The company raised £12.5m in Series B funding in January.

Grabble (E-commerce)

Grabble is a fashion app, referred to as “Tinder for fashion”, and provides instant fashion content from a range of sites, that can be bought by users in a single basket. Grabble closed a $1.8m funding round in February 2015.