10 of the world’s coolest offices

An increasing number of studies are illustrating the impact of workplace design on organisational culture and companies of all sizes are taking it to heart. Even corporations, such as the BBC, are jumping on the bandwagon and transforming their once-drab offices into futuristic playgrounds.

From an in-house tattoo studio to a changing-colour meeting room, here are 10 über-cool workspaces you’ll want to check out…

1) BBC North

Located in Manchester’s MediaCityUK, the interiors of the BBC North office look like a scene from a sci-fi film. With giant neon “thought wheels” and security guards on segways zipping around – it’s hard to believe people don’t slip into a Mister Spock role upon entering the office.

2) Missing Link

South African presentation and conference-organising company brings office cool to new heights with a shooting range (in case you’re stressed), fireman’s pole and in-house tattoo studio called Missing Ink.

3) Ogilvy‘s South Africa HQ

With offices in over 150 cities, Ogilvy’s headquarters in Capetown stands out because it features meeting rooms that change colour, dog statues and – wait for it – Rolling Stone-inspired mouth-shaped urinals.

4) Corus Entertainment

Coming in at 500,000 square feet, Canadian media conglomerate Corus Entertainment’s Toronto headquarters houses a three-storey slide in its atrium and – perpetuating common national stereotypes – boardrooms shaped like ice hockey rinks.

5) GroupM

At its Sydney office, global media agency GroupM attempts to add some street cred to the workplace with a large graffiti-covered garage door  and matching acid yellow phone booths.

6) HootSuite

Social media management tool HootSuite transformed an old Vancouver police station into a creative work environment with nap rooms, a yoga studio and beer taps in the kitchen. Despite the perks, we can’t help but wonder how an ominous (and creepy) version of its owl mascot landed on the wall of a meeting room.

7) Reserva

Brasilian fashion group Reserva has designed its Rio de Janeiro office to ensure employees are comfortable in the workplace. With homey lounge areas, a wall covered with family photos and eclectic artworks, it almost seems too cozy a space to be productive in.

8) Davies Meyer

With panoramic views, space-age furniture and a coffee bar, creative agency Davies Meyer definitely hasn’t skimped on office design at its Hamburg headquarters. We can’t help but ask: can one really have a serious work-related conversation when hanging off a Dorito-shaped chair?

9) Jung von Matt 

The Swedish arm of communications agency Jung von Matt – located in Stockholm – features a minimalistic workspace (characteristically Scandinavian) complete with sleek state-of-the-art desk fixtures.

10) Flag

Meeting rooms at Flag –  a “creative disruption network” based in Sao Paulo – are filled with an interesting mixture of handpicked furniture making it look something in between an artsy hoarder’s basement and the US president’s office (that eagle statue!).

Work environments can contribute to employee happiness, communicate company values and foster creativity. What does your office look like? What makes your workplace unique? We’d like to know – post a photo on our Facebook page and we’ll publish the best.

Image credits: Adzuna