New GamStop Technology: Benefits for Players and Operators

GamStop is an independent self-exclusion scheme designed particularly for problematic gamblers in order to hinder them from getting access to gambling sites. This is a preliminary step that needs to be taken or mostly is necessary to be taken before going anyway further into resolving gambling addiction for UK punters. This is completely dependent upon the player whether they would want to recognize the addictive patterns. GamStop is only successful in banning sites that are UK based, that is the license of the operator has been issued by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. 

Users can choose the period of exclusion according to their needs. This ranges from six months to five years and is possible to further continue after the minimum period of exclusion gets over. GamStop is the primary solution for people suffering from financial losses due to gambling addiction or unable to have control over their choices. The information exchanged between the registering gambler and GamStop is always subjected to confidentiality and security is given a priority while dealing with customers. Once registered, one cannot back off and take their names away, the ban on these sites will continue until the registered period expires. 

Apart from that, GamStop has no control over the sites registered under any other jurisdiction apart from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. In the latest times, NonStopCasino.org says that there are a lot of new casinos not on GamStop available for UK customers.  There are plenty of casino sites under offshore jurisdictions providing amazing bonuses and excellent services which are often preferred over the sites registered under the UKGC. There are ample ways to avoid GamStop and that would be by choosing casino sites offered by offshore jurisdictions where the GamStop exclusion cannot act upon.  

How Does GamStop Work? 

The operation of GamStop is quite simple and transparent. Firstly, one has to decide whether they are willing to take the leap into self-exclusion and hence, recognition of the destructive habit and decided to take action against it has to be the first step into abolishing it. Secondly, the registration has to be made. It requires personal details like full name, postal address, date of birth, details about the devices handled by the registered user, other financial details (handled with utter confidentiality), and so on. 

Then it is important to mention the cool-off period. One can choose from an exclusion span of six months two even five years and the extension of the period is even possible if the person wishes to. The completion of the registration process takes 24 hours at most after the exclusion period is generated. Now entry to any of the sites licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission is hindered from all the devices that are being operated by the user allowing the user no chance to log into these gaming sites. 

GamStop is only targeted to solve online gambling problems and hence the land-based casinos are not included among the list of banned sources of access. This sometimes becomes worrisome to the players but undeniably an indispensable step to avoid the consequences of addictive gambling.  

Benefits for Gamblers 

The online gambling industry has been one of the fastest-growing entertainment industries of the UK and hence considering the addictive nature of gambling there should be rules and regulations protecting people from losing their resources falling prey to a lack of organized habits. Here GamStop comes to the rescue. A user can voluntarily choose a period of self-exclusion to get over the habit of gambling in order to rectify problematic gambling habits. 

Registration to GamStop paves the way towards rectification of their character and habits. GamStop is not just a way towards correcting oneself but also securing one future by abolishing the ill habits of gambling addiction. Moreover, the services provided by the GamStop being affiliated by the government are directed towards the welfare of society and hence come for absolutely free of cost. It requires no registration fee or any subscription fee. GamStop does not guarantee to put these ill habits to an end but provides an alternative to escape from the claws of gambling-related issues.  

Benefits for Responsible Casino Operators 

According to the updated rules of the United Kingdom Gambling Commission beginning from 21st of March 2020 operators that are being regulated by the same jurisdiction have to cooperate compulsorily with GamStop and must abide by the rules it. This will not only protect the punters from getting exploited but also for the protection provided by the operators, they will be able to gain the trust of already existing customers. This same step will help them retain these players and additionally will have new customers willing to enjoy their services. Once the owners reject this mandatory step, their license will be terminated. The casinos that are being operated in partnership with GamStop enable players to choose fun as well as security. This gesture stands as a symbol of solidarity for people and families that are affected by overindulgence into gambling.  

Pros of Using the GamStop Scheme

  • GamStop is regarded as the primary step towards abolishing the habitual action of gambling for conscious gamblers trying to break out of the cycle. 
  • It is a successful self-exclusion program where people can voluntarily take part. 
  • This program has been attracting numerous organizations trying to partner up with them considering their effectiveness. 
  • It is considered a successful step of the government towards public welfare. 
  • It blocks complete access to all UK based online casino sites. 
  • This is available for UK citizens absolutely free of cost. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Punters who enjoy gambling might seek GamStop as a solution quite a few times in his life and it is regarded as quite usual. There is no question about its effectiveness but there are certain unavoidable loopholes. One can choose the exclusion period that too anytime they feel they need it according to the severity of their habits and is considered as the basic tool to get over gambling addiction. It enables players to enjoy their game with a sense of security which is provided to them by GamStop.