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Tech the Halls this Christmas with our last minute Gift Guide

Last minute gift guide from Mint Digital

sponsor-mint-digitalWith Christmas soon approaching, we’re certain you finished your Christmas shopping a few months ago and are relaxed, eagerly anticipating the holidays.

No? Still nothing under the bed for your friends, family and significant other?

Have no fear; Tech City News took a trip to the offices of Mint Digital to help with last minute stocking fillers and more.


Give someone the gift of your perpetual presence this year.

With Foldable.Me, you can create an 8.5cm tall paper-craft avatar as the perfect stocking filler for anyone important in your life. Create a miniature version of yourself, of them – be careful here – or of one of their many pre-set celebs, most recently including Mr Bean.

Give an avatar of yourself and be with the lucky recipient everywhere they go!


Eat your loved ones this holiday season.

No cannibalism here, we are referring to Boomf, the edible marshmallows that have your Instagram pictures on them. Take your nine most meaningful, funny or – dare we say it – sexy Instagram pictures and send them in marshmallow form.

These are the perfect accompaniment to that warm hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day.



If you don’t think marshmallows will last past Christmas afternoon and your photos to last a little longer, Projecteo is the present for you.

It’s is a miniature projector that allows your to take your Instagram pictures everywhere you go. Create wheels of 9 pictures, insert them into Projecteo, and project them onto walls, your hands or any other surface you deem worthy of your artistic photography.

Never again will anyone have to be stuck without signal, unable to load your Instagram portfolio.


You might be sensing a theme here, but it will come as no huge shock to most – given their name – that StickyGram is another way of giving your Instagram pictures this Christmas.

The perfect stocking filler, StickyGram have expanded from simply making Instagram magnets to developing phone and tablet cases from your best Mayfair, Sierra and Earlybird filtered pictures.