Startup of the Week: Jeetly are giving women fashion that fits

Welcome to the sixth episode in the Elevator Pitch series 3.

Every week we’ll publish a 30 second pitch from 12 leading startups from across London. In this series we took the founders to the top of 40 Bank Street in the heart of Canary Wharf for the most exciting pitch of their lives.

On the high street, it’s often a struggle to find something that actually fits. It’s either a bit too large or a bit too tight – we’ve all experienced it.

According to Jess Jeetly, measuring at 5’1”, this is more often than not the case for petite women.

Fed up, she took it upon herself to change your shopping experience and founded Jeetly, the first collaborative clothing brand for petite women.

Petite and professional

35% of the female population in the United Kingdom and United States are petite (shorter than 5’3”) and Jeetly aims to change the status quo.

They provide petite women with clothes that fit, and are comfortable and suitable for a professional environment.

The designs include narrow shoulders for petite frames, appropriate lengths on skirts and dresses, and necklines that elongate petite bodies without overexposing.


Power to petites

More significantly, Jeetly collections are chosen by the customers via their IN or OUT feature, which showcases design samples so that they can be voted in or out of the next season’s products.

This way, petite women will have control of the styles that go ahead for manufacture and they now have a say in a clothing industry which previously they might have felt ignored them.

Going forward

Sales have grown 20% month-on-month in the last 12 months, and Jeetly has now sold in 16 countries.

So where next?

Jeetly HeadOur current investment is in a mobile app to develop our m-commerce platform for ‘In-or-Out’ and to double the size of our workwear collection as well as introduce new categories such as petite maternity clothing.

They’re now also looking for a first round of funding and are currently in talks with two angel investors.

Founder Jess has been nominated for several awards. She insists that “our future will be shaped by the petite woman’s demands”.