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JLL’s guide to starting a startup

Transforming a startup into a world-leading company is a difficult task.

So, Property experts JLL and Tech City News have teamed up to bring you a quick guide to starting a startup. Beginning with an idea and long hours in a cafe coding, it walks you through the various stages of a startup step by step.

The video offers advice and insight into how best to tackle some of the problems that occur, particularly when it comes to moving your company into new premises.

Real-estate advice

JLL is a global property company that operates in all the key markets across the globe and has a track record of helping companies expand domestically and internationally. Whatever stage you are at in your growth story, they help turn your workplace into a source of business performance.

They have also put together an in-depth property guide for any stage of a startup. No matter what your business is currently doing, JLL can help.

If you would like to get in touch with the team at JLL, contact James Nicholson or Matthew Glenny.