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Q&A: Wayve CEO Jamie Evans-Parker on the UK’s VC landscape and the power of perseverance

jamie wayve

At Tech City News, we’re always keen to shine a light on those who make up the UK’s thriving technology community.

This week, we spoke with Jamie Evans-Parker, CEO of wayve, a UK founded AdTech startup.

He shares his views on the UK’s venture capital investment scene and the challenges he faced when he first founded his business.

Tech vertical: AdTech

Funding: £300,000

Staff count: 18

Location: Central London

Founded: 2013

Q: Where did the idea for wayve come from?

The idea first emerged as a solution to common advertising production issues I’d noticed over the years working in the digital creative space. The process of taking multiple design units and translating them into ads was the norm, but it was also very time, and labour, intensive — especially when working with tight budgets as many agencies do. To address this, I started to think about ways in which technology could be used to streamline the process, which would ease workload pressures, and cost....