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Introducing London’s very own web address

Deborah Meaden at an event celebrating Dot London.

The capital is following in the footsteps of Berlin by introducing its very own city web domain, know as Dot London.

Deborah Meaden, entrepreneur and star of the Dragon’s Den, kicked off the campaign at New Covent Garden flower market in Battersea.

The new Dot London domains will be managed by London and Partners, the Mayor’s promotional body.

Launching this month

From April 29th you’ll be able to apply for your own London domain.

Ahead of the official launch, we asked the Dot London team for more details.

How do I apply?

To avoid cybersquatting (where individuals buy up lists of popular domains and sell them on for a profit), the new Dot.London registration will be handled by London & Partners, who will issue names out to the most relevant businesses and individuals with a connection to London.

The application period will run for three months.

Names will be issued on a ranking system, giving priority to London-based individuals and companies. If more than one person preregisters a domain, an auction will take place.

Who’s signed up?

The likes of Fortnum & Mason, Selfridges, Delfont Mackintosh and TechHub will be some of the first companies to use the new domain.

A YouGov survey found more than 200,000 London companies are planning to register a .london web address.

Why do I need a .london web address?

The pool of available .com and .co.uk addresses is getting smaller and smaller. If you’re having trouble registering the right domain, a Dot London address could be the right home for you.

Many established businesses we’ve spoken with plan to use their Dot London address for a sister site to sit alongside their main .com or .co.uk.

Some plan to create a niche version of their content/service specifically targeting the London market.

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