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Indiegogo to get Britain crowdfunding

go_crowdfund_britain main logo (1)Indiegogo, the world’s largest crowdfunding platform, has launched the inaugural Go Crowdfund Britain campaign.

The initiative hopes to be the catalyst for £1m worth of investment into Britain’s best ideas, coolest inventions, and brightest young businesses.

It doesn’t matter if  that’s 1000 campaigns of £1,000, 10 campaigns of £100,000, or one campaign of £1,000,000.

‘Go Crowdfund Britain’ begins today with a nationwide crowdfunding tour which will visit 10 UK cities over three weeks.

Media Partner

Tech City News is proud announce we will be media partner for the Go Crowndfund Britain campaign.

Our presenter and Indiegogo UK Marketing and Community Manager Anastasia Emmanuel will report back every week from tour to bring you the latest in The Week in Tech.

The campaigns that raise the most money will also be featured in the December issue of the Tech City News magazine.

A tour of Britain

Starting in Manchester today, the tour will visit Birmingham, Swansea, Bristol, Norwich, Nottingham, Sheffield, Leeds, Newcastle and Edinburgh before finishing in London on July 15th.

You can follow the tour and the 1 Million Pound Challenge through the Go Crowdfund Britain website.

The company will gather individuals, groups and companies with big ambitions and show them how to crowdfund successfully on Indiegogo.

They will be joined by experts and partners who will provide advice, guidance and perks to those Britons who begin their campaigns in 2014.

People are encouraged to sign up to the free masterclasses and be part of the Million Pound Challenge.

[button link=””]Be part of the Go Crowdfund Britain tour[/button]

 Full schedule

  • Manchester – 23rd June
  • Birmingham – 24th June
  • Swansea – 26th June
  • Bristol – 27th June
  • Norwich – 30th June
  • Nottingham – 1st July
  • Sheffield – 3rd July
  • Leeds – 7th July
  • Newcastle – 8th July
  • Edinburgh – 10th July
  • London – 15th July