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I’m choosing a PR agency – do I have to sack my in-house PR?

There are many ways to structure a company’s PR resources. There’s no right or wrong approach – an ideal setup for one business won’t necessarily work for another.

For some, a solid, long-term relationship with an agency will give the business a sufficient level of coverage indefinitely. For others, an agency might be considered an unnecessary luxury (and expense).

However, most businesses, especially those with serious growth ambitions, will benefit from having both an in-house PR function and an outsourced agency.

The best PR campaigns in our experience are the result of the client being fully engaged in the process, fuelling the PR machine with assets, news, story ideas, insights, data and case studies.

This can be a full-time role in itself, so having in-house PR to work in tandem with an agency will typically yield the best results.