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How should I manage my social activity?

My starting point on this is always that there’s no one more informed and passionate for telling your story than you are.

You may feel that you’re not the best writer or orator, but what you are is genuine, and that outweighs everything else. You’ll get better at articulating your story and key messages the more you do it, and there’s always help on hand in the short-term if you need it both online and through your network (for free).

here are many tricks and tactics to being effective in social, but ultimately it comes back to creating unique, relevant, compelling and impactful content.

Top of your list

Social isn’t free. It always costs in one way or another; to make it effective requires time, energy and focus.

Frankly, there’s no shortcut or off-the-peg solution that will bring you social amplification overnight, and I’d be very wary of anyone that tries to convince you otherwise.

Clearly, as a founder, there are a million other things that you need to be doing; but engaging directly with influencers and customers MUST be top of your list, if for no other reason than it’s a great way to gain feedback, insight and verification.

Socially aware

Social doesn’t have to be a chore and there are many services and tools that can help to make it more manageable (see my list here for starters). If you can afford it, my view would be to look to bring in a sharp, socially aware resource internally to help manage your activities before you look to outsource via freelancers or agencies.

You have to weigh the cost versus benefit in this scenario: are they any better positioned to create trusting relationships specifically with the influencers in your space, and then to tell your story with conviction?

As your business starts to scale this balance will change and these resources become more viable, but in the early stages you are the story…the brand.