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Hipster worlds collide – Craft beer pop-up accepts Bitcoin

It’s a hipster’s wet dream.

The Craft Beer Social Club have set out on a mission to out-Shoreditch Shoreditch – with a pop-up pub.

But the edginess doesn’t stop there. To complete the techie fantasy they’re offering pints for £2 – if you pay using Bitcoin.

A pint-sized price

The deal is aimed at the committed drinkster. You have to pay for four pints in advance, and consume them in one sitting.

The good news is you can also pay by PayPal if Bitcoin is a bit underworld for your liking.

Putting the bit in bitter

And if planning ahead is just too mainstream for you then the Craft Beer Social Club understands.

Just show up and the beer is still available at regular prices.

What’s more, their friendly staff can’t wait to strip you of your Shoreditch L-plate and help you set up your very own Bitcoin wallet.

A craft-y one

justina_craftbeerBy bringing together all a hipster’s favourite things, founder Justina Cruickshank is putting the ‘coin’ in ‘coincide’.

I’ve been working in Shoreditch for years and we even helped launch the Tech City Beer Fest last year, so it seems more odd to not participate in exciting tech developments when doing a Pop-up in the middle of Europe’s largest tech cluster.

The pub opens its doors on Leonard Street for a five-week run starting on Thursday.

And for the uber-retro, word has it they’ve been known to accept good old-fashioned cash as well.