Meet James Gill from GoSquared – Our Startup of the Week

Welcome to the fifth episode in the Elevator Pitch series 2.

Every week we’ll publish a 30 second pitch from 12 leading startups from across London. In this series we took the founders to the River Thames, aboard Canary Wharf’s speedboat for the most exciting pitch of their lives.

Traffic jams

Browsing through your site analytics can be fun for five minutes, but monitoring it on a daily basis is time consuming, confusing and not always that enlightening.

The whole point about collecting analytics is to quickly learn from them and react accordingly – GoSquared gives you the capability to do that with ease.

The startup describes itself as “a breath of fresh air” to anyone who’s dealt with analytics, and makes you an analytics pro in minutes.

Information is beautiful


Load up the GoSquared dashboard and the display speaks for itself.

With no introduction you can immediately see and understand most things you’d like to know about how your website’s doing.

From current visitors to how performance compares to last week, to how engaged your audience is – all in realtime.

GoSquared’s latest addition is the Trends dashboard, which extrapolates based on your current performance to show what figures you’re on track to get by the end of the day, week or month.

No funny business

james-gillCEO James Gill says part of their success is down to GoSquared’s ultra-simple business model:

We don’t resell your visitors’ data to advertisers, we don’t share it with any government organisations, and we don’t do anything sneaky.

Customers pay a monthly subscription, and for this they get comprehensive support from the team and complete ownership over their own data.

The future’s bright

GoSquared currently has over 40,000 sites on board, and are backed by Passion Capital, Thomas Jones of Charlotte Street Capital, and by Atlas Venture in a round led by Fred Destin.

In the next 12 months they’re aiming to tailor the service to their key customer segments, including ecommerce, apps, and publishing.

James Gill wrote for Tech City News on how to quantify social data as part of our Social Media Week coverage.