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Everything you need to know about Improbable, the UK’s latest unicorn

The UK tech sector was left reeling today after Improbable did the near impossible.

The London-based virtual reality firm made headlines after it announced the closure of a whopping $502m Series B from high-profile investors.

Although its exact valuation remains undisclosed, a spokesperson told Tech City News Improbable was now valued at “over $1bn”, making it part of the exclusive UK tech “unicorn” club.

The firm, which joins fellow unicorns Skyscanner and Transferwise, has also been credited with closing the fifth-largest UK VC investment in the past decade.

But how does a London-based firm founded just five years ago go from raising a $22.09m Series A to grabbing over $500m in Series B funding from investors?

Here’s everything we know about Improbable so far....