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Download of the Week: Very Last Room rewards you for booking last-minute

Each week we trawl through the internet’s jumble sale of apps to bring you a cool, new app that will make your life better.

Tech City News was in Marseille for the Week in Tech so we decided to pick a local favourite for our Download of the Week.

Marseille-based Very Last Room gives you access to last-minute deals on 2000 hotels aross France, Spain and Belgium and is available on iOS and Android.

Very Last Room iphoneKeep waiting for the Very Last Room

Very Last Room is similar to other last minute booking websites and apps but takes a unique twist.

Like other services, you can search for hotels that have availabilities tonight (and only tonight) but the difference is on Very Last Room you watch prices drop in real time as the day progresses and hotels are more and more keen to offload the remaining rooms.

The longer you wait, the better a deal you get (as long as there are rooms still left).

You can book for an evening from 8am that day. The prices steadily drop from then until 2am, the final cut-off.

Back yourself?

Very Last Room often boasts discounts of up to 80%.

If you like the app, you can refer it to your friends and get €15 of credit per referral.

You can also monitor all your bookings from inside the app.

It does currently only offer hotels in Spain, France and Belgium so isn’t great for those reluctant to leave the UK but great for those popping over the Channel for a quick weekend away.