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Download of the week: NightCapp makes sure your night (almost) never ends

Each week we trawl through the internet’s jumble sale of apps to bring you a cool, new app that will make your life better.

This week’s download is NightCapp, the ultimate tool for your night out!


It’s available for free on iOS and Android.

One more drink

NightCapp solves the problem most Londoners will have suffered at one point or another: the alcohol drying up.

When you’re out having a great time, the last thing you want is last orders to mean the end of the night.

With NightCapp, you can find out which bars, pubs and clubs are still open around you, in real-time.

Interactive map

If a spot is going to close in the next hour it’ll show up in orange, and when it closes completely it won’t show up on the map.

It has more than three thousand bars so you’ll never be found wandering the streets late at night.

The app is currently only available in London, but it will be launching around the UK soon and you can vote for the next city here.