Download of the Week: Dark Sky will keep you dry

Each week we trawl through the internet’s jumble sale of apps to bring you a cool, new app that will make your life better.

This week’s download is Dark Sky, available to download for £2.49 on iOS.

Be one step ahead

You might not have noticed but in the UK it rains. A lot.

Luckily, Dark Sky is here to save the day.

The app lets you know if it is going rain around you in the next hour, saving you from the embarrassment of returning from lunch completely soaked.

It uses meteorological data from all over the world which is presented beautifully in the app’s interface to show you exactly when the rain is coming, and notifies you as it does.

Dark Sky 2

Beautiful and useful

The app also gives you a detailed breakdown of current conditions where you’re standing, including wind speed and direction, humidity, pressure and visibility.

At £2.49 it is more than you might normally be spending on downloads, but it will undoubtedly be worth it when you next see colleagues rushing in from the rain acknowledging that you knew better.

Not wanting to rely on external weather services, the brains behind the app built Forecast, a weather service that is also worth a browse.

Forecast powers Dark Sky and drives the great interactive maps that are built in.