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Each week I trawl through the internet’s jumble sale of apps to bring you a cool, new app that will hopefully improve your life in some way. (Big ask but I’ll try).

There are endless social networks that help you connect with your friends, but are people getting saturated by constant connection?

Anti-social is the new social!

Location based apps such as Foursquare, and Highlight have exploded in the app market as people clamor to find out, in real time, who is nearby.

But instead of using location data to bring you closer to your friends, Cloak makes it easy for to avoid bumping into people you know, whether it’s your ex, a ‘frenemy’ or just an annoying colleague! You can tag certain contacts and it will alert you when they come within a certain radius of you.

cloak 1

Watch a demo of Cloak in action in the Week in Tech

Antedote for the Anti-social

So, if you’re a grumpy soul or just fancy avoiding the world for a day, Cloak is your ideal download

After a week of being uber sociable in SXSW, I decided to test out Cloak and it’s definitely an interesting concept.

At the moment the developers can only scrape data from Foursquare and instagram but they are looking at connecting to more services.

The founder suggest that we are moving into an era where we will see more and more services related to this anti-social behaviour.

Cloak is available for free download today on iOS now.

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