60 startups take part in the first round of the Elevator Pitch


Over 75 of London’s finest startups applied for the second series of the Elevator Pitch.

In partnership with Campus London we took 60 of the startups to the CampusCam – a video booth (Big Brother’s secret diary room if you will..) to ask them to apply by video.

Only 25 startups could go through to the next round, with 5 chosen by a public vote on our websites.

There were a range of companies spanning different sectors and ideas. This included the latest tech ideas for children and clothing through to computer programming.

Some even turned up with carrots…..

Using the touch screen, people  were asked a series of questions such as what they would consider success for their business in the next 6 months. Some more carrots maybe?

With a limited time to describe their company and why it should be chosen, pitchers had to think of unique and original ways to be noticed.

With such a wide array of attendees, for some it was seen as an excellent networking opportunity.

The companies chosen for Elevator Pitch Round 2 public vote have already been announced. You can make a difference by voting on our website here.