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4 education startups to watch from the Great Tech Expedition

19 of Britain’s best startups were paraded in New York as a week-long trade mission to the US drew to a close today.

The Great Tech Expedition took the startups from British shores to New York, Boston and Chicago, showcasing some of the best talent in British tech in the hope to make vital connections with investors and industry experts.

Educational startups took a prominent position in the group of companies and Tech City News has profiled four that you should keep an eye out for.


Knodium allows universities to provide their students with a space to create groups for discussion, file sharing and to explore their subjects.

Students can help each other in any subject. Knodium builds communities formed around courses, projects or common interests and gives students the power to have technical discussions, all online.

Universities that use Knodium can also gain valuable insights into their students that previously would have been inaccessible.


If you know anyone frantically cramming for an A-level or GCSE, you could recommend them Gojimo.

The British app offers free study guides and self-assessment content for students in the US and UK.

Created by a student for students, it was born out of a frustration for high-quality education apps and now even provides material for some undergraduate degrees.


Most students will have had to reference at some point during their education. Many will have done it on countless occasions, and no one enjoys it.

RefME is a reference tool that makes it all easier. You can one-click reference online or scan books and papers with your phone, and access it all in one place.

It also searches through the material that you have already referenced to suggest new content for you to use in your work.

Show My Homework

Show My Homework is the homework calendar that we all probably wish we had when we younger.

It lets students see what work they have and when it’s due so that they never miss an assignment.

For teachers, they can assign, mark and track homework all in one place.