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What3words brings offline navigation to Jaguar Land Rover vehicles

what3words jaguar

Automaker Jaguar Land Rover is integrating what3words’ mapping technology into all new vehicles to help drivers navigate even when they don’t have a GPS or mobile data connection.

London-headquartered what3words is mapping software that has labelled every 3m by 3m square of the planet with a unique combination of three words, such as “decorate.harmonica.aware” – the entrance to Silverstone Race Circuit.

Jaguar Land Rover owners will be able to input these unique words into the vehicle’s infotainment system to arrive at a precise location.

“This world-changing technology is all about simplification, providing our customers with a seamless modern luxury experience that means they can find their way anywhere in the world without having to worry about connectivity,” said Mark Carter, navigation product owner, digital product platform at Jaguar Land Rover.

The partnership is not the first time the two companies have worked together. In 2018 Jaguar and what3words made addresses for the Scottish island of Mull to help health organisations quickly find locations.

What3words has also worked with the Royal Mail on its maiden drone delivery to a lighthouse on the Isle of Mull.

Chris Sheldrick, co-founder and CEO of what3words, said: “This partnership ensures you can get to the exact destination of your next adventure with ease and in comfort. Jaguar Land Rover recognised the benefits our innovative technology brings to those on the road.”

Founded in 2013, what3words adds Jaguar Land Rover to its list of car manufacturers using its technology, a list that includes Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Lamborghini, Ford, Triumph, Subaru and Lotus.

Jaguar will be the first, however, to incorporate the technology where drivers won’t require a data connection to use.

Existing compatible vehicles will be able to use what3words after a software-over-the-air update.

Jaguar, an active tech investor

What3words employs over 150 people and has a raised over £100m in funding with backing including F1 champion Nico Rosberg.

Jaguar’s partnership with what3words is the automaker’s latest embrace of the UK tech industry.

It has three of its seven technology hubs in the UK, located in Manchester, Warwick and London.

The car manufacturer is also active on the investment front, recently partnering with Silicon Valley investor Plug and Play on its UK launch in April. Plug and Play plans to make up to 30 investments into UK early-stage startups.

Jaguar Land Rover’s own investment fund recently deployed capital into motoring fintech Carmoola’s £27m seed round in April.

And last year Jaguar backed car repair firm Bumper in its £9m funding round.