Deliveroo accused of blocking courier access to gig economy finance app

Deliveroo rodeo Image credit: CatwalkPhotos via Shutterstock

Takeaway app Deliveroo has been accused of restricting its couriers’ access to greater earnings by blocking Rodeo, an online service that compares pay rates for gig economy jobs.

Rodeo is an app that tracks the earnings of gig economy workers across their different revenue streams and displays the potential earnings from other jobs, giving users access to the highest-paying options.

The app compares job prices by asking delivery drivers to share their earnings data so it can compare services like Just Eat and Uber Eats.

However, as reported by the Financial Times, Rodeo on Sunday told its users that Deliveroo had blocked Rodeo and its associated payroll connectivity provider from accessing the necessary information.

Deliveroo blocked Rodeo’s ability to access financial data as part of a security update for its rider app.

A spokesperson for Deliveroo said the company “supports Rodeo’s objectives of supporting riders and providing insights into how they work. However, Rodeo and its partner Argyle accessed Deliveroo’s rider app without authorisation”.

The spokesperson added: “Our concerns have been communicated to Rodeo and, despite this, they have continued to attempt to gain unauthorised access. A planned security update has prevented this . . . Riders themselves remain free to access their data via our platform, which is unchanged.”

Deliveroo has previously come under criticism for its treatment of its delivery drivers. The London-listed firm faced a court challenge in September last year from the Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain (IWGB), which accused Deliveroo of denying the trade union collective bargaining rights.