Google-backed virtual care startup Suvera raises £5m


Virtual care platform Suvera has closed a seed extension round of £5m to develop its remote care platform and expand across the UK.

London-based Suvera, which raised funds from the Google for Startups programme, works with GPs to provide services remotely for patients with long-term chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension.

It aims to reduce the workload and waiting times at physical clinics by providing services virtually, such as administering prescriptions and tracking blood pressure results.

Suvera said that 12% of GP appointments in the UK are dedicated to managing high blood pressure patients. According to the startup, up to 70% of patients that used the service were using it for blood pressure purposes.

The startup has signed deals with over 40 GPs covering more than 20,000 patients since its founding in 2019.

“Increasing demand on GPs, and the continuous workforce challenges across the system, have made it difficult for practices to deliver the care that patients deserve,” said Suvera founder and CEO Ivan Beckley.

“We’ve seen over the last few years how important digital health solutions are to help improve access to care.”

The company recently appointed Professor Bryan Williams, chair of medicine at University College London (UCL), as its chief medical advisor.

The latest funding round for Suvera was led by Boston-based Morningside Ventures.

“At Morningside, we invest in companies that leverage technology to both improve outcomes and reduce the cost of care at scale,” said Stephen Bruso from Morningside Ventures.

“We are proud to continue supporting Suvera in its mission to empower GP practices with powerful chronic condition management tools as they expand across the UK.”

Suvera previously raised funding from Calm/Storm Ventures, Ascension Ventures, and angel investors from Echo Pharmacy, Google Health, and Ustwo.