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Meet the 12 startups in AWS’ first UK healthcare accelerator

AWS healthcare

Amazon’s cloud computing subsidiary, Amazon Web Services (AWS), has announced the 12 participants that will take part in the company’s first-ever UK healthcare accelerator.

First announced in October of last year, the AWS Healthcare Accelerator is a four-week programme to support the growth and functionality of promising healthcare startups in the UK.

The cloud giant has previously run its healthcare accelerator programme in the US and has recently expanded it to Japan.

The 12 companies selected by AWS come from a pool of more than 100 applicants from 13 countries. The participants were selected by a panel from AWS and PUBLIC – a government-focused tech company with a large network of medtech startups.

Here are the 12 startups participating in the AWS Healthcare Accelerator UK programme:


Established in 2012, Dignio is a digital platform for connecting healthcare professionals with patients to disrupt the traditional way of delivering health services. Face-to-face healthcare service has been massively interrupted due to the pandemic, Dignio’s platform aims to make digital connections between clinicians and patients easier and more effective.

Sapien Health

Another digital healthcare platform, Sapien Health focuses on preparing patients mentally and physically for upcoming surgeries. Sapien provides personalised programs and 1-on-1 coaching on goals, diet, activity and more. The London-headquartered company was founded in 2020.

Dr Julian

Dr Julian Medical Group, named after company founder Dr Julian Nesbitt, is a platform for supporting the mental health of users by connecting patients to vetted, online trained clinical psychologists, cognitive behavioural therapists and counsellors through video, audio and text messaging.


WYSA’s mental health support focuses on providing users with self-managed stress relief through AI-guided listening. WYSA also provides professional expert support. WYSA recently underwent a £1m trial with the NHS.

DDM Health

Founded in the University of Warwick Science Park in 2012, DDM Health is a provider of digital therapeutics that allow patients to self-manage their health by monitoring long-term health improvements, behavioural guidance and remote medical data collection.

PEP Health

PEP Health uses proprietary AI-driven natural language processing technology to provide deep insight into patients in real-time. PEP Health’s platform transforms patient comments into measurable and comparable data.

Remedy Rx

As is the case with many new healthcare tech startups, Remedy Rx collects data to improve medical support. Remedy’s platform claims to be able to capture 95% of the data that sits outside the healthcare system. The idea for the company came from the personal healthcare issues faced by company co-founder and CEO Emma Tinsley.


Birdie delivers a built-as-one technology platform for home care providers. By integrating data into a single source, large and small care homes can provide more personalised care to patients. In 2021, Birdie had a £8.2m funding round.

Infinity Health

London-based Infinity Health is a task management SaaS platform to support healthcare providers coordinate their services. The software can be integrated into existing systems to automate and monitor critical tasks. The company was established in 2013.


Abtrace is a data-driven service to support the earlier diagnosis and proactive interventions of medical conditions. The London-based startup was founded in 2018, and raised £2.1m in seed money in August 2021.

C the Signs

Focusing on the identification of cancer, C the Signs uses AI mapped with patient data to try and diagnose those at risk of cancer at the earliest possible stage. Founded in 2017, the company is headquartered in London.


London-based Thymia collects speech, video and behavioural data to help clinicians assess mental health conditions like depression using specially designed video games. Founded in 2020, the company raised £765,000 of funding in June of last year.