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Pharmacierge to build 30ft medication-dispensing robot in London

Pharmacierge dispensing robot
Image credit: Pharmacierge

Health tech firm Pharmacierge has announced plans to build a 5,500 sq ft dispensary at its London facility, with plans including a 30ft dispensing robot sending medication between floors via spiralling chutes.

The multi-arm robot will pick out the required medication and load it into chutes that travel up to the top floor of the pharmacy.

Inside the pharmacy, there will be zones designated for biological, refrigerated and controlled medications.

Edward Ungar, CEO of Pharmacierge, said: “While our mPrescribe technology now equally serves clinicians and patients outside of London, we felt very strongly that only a local investment would remain faithful to our brand values, our roots and the private medical community who have supported us through thick and thin.”

Pharmacierge dispensing robot

Image credit: Pharmacierge

Pharmacierge told UKTN it expects the London facility and robotic arm to be up and running early next year.

The dispensary will be situated on Wimpole Street in Marylebone, London. With its nearby Harley Street location, the company will now operate 8,000 sqft of space.

According to Pharmacierge, it deals with more than 4,500 GP and consultants. Over 90% of the practices say it prescription software saves them “5-15 mins per prescription”.

Backers of the health tech business include Cazoo’s founder Alex Chesterman, who invested in its £1.25m round in 2021. Its most recent funding round came in April this year, when it scooped £2.4m, primarily from the doctors that use its service.