Digital cancer support group Perci Health raises £3.4m

Perci Image credit: Africa Studio via Shutterstock

Perci Health, self-described as the world’s first digital cancer support clinic, has raised £3.4m to expand its services.

Cancer treatments have developed a lot in the past 30 years, and according to Perci Health, this means aftercare is relatively underdeveloped.

Offering support at every stage, from pre-treatment to post-survival, Perci Health has built a digital platform to deliver personalised programmes to suit patient needs. These programmes contain material from vetted cancer-support professionals.

“People who survive their cancers feel lost in transition. They can’t get the care they need, find the healthcare system confusing and uncoordinated, and continue to suffer with the late and long-term effects of curative cancer treatments,” said Perci Health co-founder Kelly McCabe.

“Perci Health found initial success by unlocking innovative reimbursement models for this much-needed care through employers and insurers and is exploring how best to support NHS treatment facilities.”

McCabe said despite the huge number of cancer diagnoses in the UK, “there is little-to-no support focused on helping to remain in or return to work post-cancer treatment, even for those with comprehensive medical insurance”.

The seed round was led by Octopus Ventures, which recently led a £2.5m investment into another London-based health tech startup, Little Journey.

“We want to back people and ideas that will change the world for the better. With Kelly and Morgan’s extensive global experience and network in cancer care and brand marketing respectively,” said Chantal Cox, an investor at Octopus Ventures.

“We recognise that they have the potential to have a major impact in holistic cancer care for both survivors and their loved ones.”

Perci Health previously raised £1.5m in July 2021.