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Government strategy aims to boost medtech in NHS

NHS medtech
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The NHS has been assigned a “blueprint” to increase the use of new medical technology used within the organisation.

Its medtech strategy aims to provide better care through “modernised technology”, stimulate science research in the UK, champion medical technology amongst clinicians and help patients use medtech products safely.

Dr Sam Roberts, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, said: “It is essential that clinicians and patients can access the most impactful and cost-effective medical technologies, while medtech companies need to be confident that they are developing products which meet the needs of patients and the NHS.”

Each year the NHS says it spends approximately £10bn on medical tech.

The strategy will be followed by a review of equipment spending and how it plans to execute its medtech strategy later in the year.

Minister of State for Health, Will Quince, said: “This new medtech strategy will help build a sustainable NHS with patients at the centre so people can continue to access the right care at the right time.”

VR for training, remote monitoring and drone delivery are all technologies that have been explored in partnership with the NHS.

Dr Timothy Ferris, national director for transformation at NHS England, said: “Medical technology has an enormous role to play in benefitting patients now and in the future.”

This month saw the NHS begin trialling robot support staff from the startup Academy of Robotics.