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AI medical coaching app Holly Health raises £650k

Holly Health app
Image credit: Holly Health

Personalised digital medical coaching app Holly Health has secured £650,000 in a joint equity and grant funding round.

The Holly Health app was built by psychology and healthcare professionals to provide coaching and support to people facing multimorbidity – simultaneous chronic health conditions.

According to the startup, multimorbidity affects more than a quarter of adults in the UK and is continuing to rise, causing a significant strain on the resources of the NHS.

Holly Health, which has partnered with over 150 GPs, is aiming to reduce that pressure by offering sufferers personalised support at home.

The app uses a proprietary AI chatbot to coach users on lifestyle behaviours to ease the harm caused by their conditions.

“At Holly Health, we have supported over 30,000 people so far and are committed to innovating to solve our biggest human and healthcare challenges,” said co-founder and CEO Grace Gimson.

The funding came in part via grant funding from Innovate UK, the national innovation agency, as part of the Future Economy Investor Partnerships scheme.

“This funding marks a pivotal moment – with the support of Innovate UK and the strategic investment from Modality Partnership, we are empowered to combat the complex and unresolved challenge of multimorbidity,” added Gimson.

Additional funding came from the Innovation SuperNetwork, Plug and Play Ventures and Modality Partnership, a network of GPs.

The London-based startup previously raised £1.4m in a round in July 2022.