Cancer monitoring platform Entia lands £15m Series A

Entia Series A Entia chief executive and founder, Dr Toby Basey-Fisher

Cancer monitoring business Entia has scooped $20m (£15.4m) in Series A funding led by BGF and Parkwalk Advisors.

The cancer health tech firm uses blood testing to provide remote diagnostics, such as tracking neutropenia. Healthcare professionals can manage all their patients through the London-headquartered company’s software.

Remote monitoring is “beneficial” and “highly advantageous” for healthcare operators, said Entia’s chief executive and founder Dr Toby Basey-Fisher.

“Such an approach allows us to move routine health assessments out of healthcare centres and also drives a more preventative model of healthcare where problems are identified and addressed early on.”

Keeping a tab on neutropenia, a side effect of chemotherapy, is important in cancer care as it affects a patient’s immune system and therefore is more subject to infections.

By eliminating travel for checkups, Entia lets medical professionals constantly monitor patients, which means complications are more likely to be found in advance.

Neil Cameron, investment director at Parkwalk Advisors, said: “Cancer patient numbers are increasing and we need to embed and capitalise on innovative technologies to ensure our healthcare systems have the resources and capacity to give everyone that needs it the best chance of beating this terrible disease.”

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