Connectd: platform using data to match startups with investors raises £1.2m


Connectd – a platform that bring together a network of entrepreneurs, startups and investors – has secured £1.2m in seed funding.

Connectd has created a data-driven network to match startups with investors for early-stage funding. Members pay a subscription fee to access the network.

“This investment takes us another step forward in becoming the community-driven platform that provides founders, investors, and advisors with the holistic tools they need,” said Connectd founder and CEO Roei Samuel.

The new funding comes as Connectd prepares to launch a new legal tool designed to help founders and investors establish their essential legal documentation without incurring fees.

“Our new legal tool is designed to benefit founders and investors by helping them establish their essential legal documentation without incurring expensive fees.

“Also, our new portfolio solution enables angel investors to see everything in one place thanks to our intelligent dashboard.”

The company said that since its launch in February 2020, it has grown on average 16% every month.

The London-based firm has recently been expanding its European presence with the establishment of a new office in Stockholm. Connectd also has staff operating out of Poland and India.

Participants in Connectd’s latest funding round include angel investors Rob Wilmot, Jonas Anker, CEO of Anker Capital, Gareth Hawkins, brothers Aleks and Dejan Subosic of Deep North and Steve Scruton, the former head of equity research at HSBC.

“We see a huge global application for Connectd’s technology and having built, exited and invested in companies across Europe and beyond, we’re excited to help launch Connectd in Stockholm in Q2 and build a broader European footprint from there,” said Subosic.

The company previously raised $1m in a funding round last year.