Will Virtual Reality transform online casinos?

Whether you have noticed or nor, virtual reality is already here, and it is evolving all the time. In recent years there have been enormous advances in VR software and hardware, and the number of industries that can benefit from those technologies is endless. For example, in the near future, a trainee surgeon may be able to perform a mock surgery in a virtual reality environment or a plumber may be able to use a VR headset to see the data for each part of a boiler.

One industry that is already using virtual reality is online casinos. VR is already transforming online gambling platforms right now, and you can expect it to transform them even more as virtual reality technology continues to evolve.

Image by Wren Handman from Pixabay

Are there already virtual reality casino games you can play?

There are not many virtual reality casino games available at the moment, but there are some, and they are sure to grow in number more over the coming years. Current VR casinos go beyond pseudo-3D interfaces. Instead, players are plunged into the casino floor. By using a VR headset and a compatible virtual reality iGambling platform, players can enjoy an interactive lifelike casino experience. That means, similar to a live casino online; players can play games and interact with dealers in real-time.

What features do virtual reality casinos provide?

In addition to being able to play real games in real-time with real people in an immersive virtual reality setting, VR casinos provide many other fantastic features. For example, VR casinos typically have:

  • The ability to display and observe hand and body gestures.
  • Real casino sounds to replicate the ambience of a brick-and-mortar casino.
  • Detailed casino game rooms that players can walk through and feel fully immersed.
  •      Realistic slot machines to play.
  • 3D game tables, where you can choose your game, your seat, and interact with others.
  • In-game chats, meaning you can have a drink at the bar and talk with other players.

What is the future of virtual reality casinos?

The virtual reality casino industry is still in the embryonic stage, but the few available games have already come a long way in a short amount of time. At present, developers of VR casino platforms are attempting to make them as lifelike as possible; to the minutest detail, such as being able to light a cigar. As VR continues to evolve, the online casino industry will have to change with it. In the future, you can expect online casinos to use VR more and more.

One of the main goals for developers of virtual reality casinos is to simulate brick-and-mortar casinos as much as possible. Indeed, some land-based casinos already have plans in place to replicate their whole casinos in a virtual environment as closely as possible, as the technology allows. In the future, you can also expect to see the virtual world of casinos expand. That means players may be able to enter a virtual recreation of Las Vegas and walk down the Strip before entering a casino of their choice. Indeed, settings for VR casinos are endless. As VR tech grows and more virtual reality casino experiences are provided, the more you can expect to see VR casinos in all sorts of settings. For instance, you could enter a casino on an alien planet and interact with extra-terrestrial players and dealers, or you could play games in a casino located at the bottom of the sea.

With such possibilities, you can also expect to see VR games and VR casinos to merge more. For instance, you may be able to play in a VR casino one minute and then walk outside the establishment to find yourself immersed in a fantasy RPG.

It is not just virtual reality software that is improving all the time. It is also VR hardware. As virtual reality gear and smartphone technologies improve, online casinos are sure to become transformed in the above ways, and also in ways that we cannot even imagine.