Choosing an effective social media strategy for your business can be difficult at the best of times, but how do you approach it during a crisis?

If you’re worried about how you should go about it, don’t stress, as you’re not alone.

The facts are, we can’t use traditional methods in untraditional times, and it’s not as if we have a pandemic marketing blueprint at hand. If you already have an established social media presence, then your campaigns might only need a conscientious tweak by your social media marketing director. But what if you’re a start-up, new to the game, and you are your marketing director?

Fortunately, there are businesses already using adaptive strategies that can help companies like yours choose the right approach. Ones that are appropriate to the current situation and can help you effectively utilize social media platforms and promote your brand during these challenging times. 

1.Stick with Easy to Use Tools

There’s no magic recipe that whisks up your social media success overnight. Still, there are easy to use tools that can help you serve up a clear strategy, filled with biteable content, engaging images, videos, and visually compelling branding. All designed to help you encapsulate and deliver your strategic vision.

Before you start broadcasting your message to your online community, you need to have your social media branding in place. A thumb-stopping visual treat that instantly connects and engages with the viewers as they are scanning by. You can achieve this by using branding tools.!

Other useful tools that can help you with creating content, scheduling content posting, market research, and promotions are:

  • Biteable – For creating engaging and entertaining short videos.
  • Buffer – For scheduling posts and tracking content performance
  • Buzzsumo – A research tool for tracking content performance and social shares.
  • Missinglettr – Automates the process of creating social content.
  1. Choose Platforms that Suit your Message

The effectiveness of your social media campaigns can be determined by which platforms you choose to reach your target audience.

A helpful way of deciding during this challenging time is to review up to date behavior characteristics and demographics of your target audience. Enabling you to focus solely on the platforms that give you the highest ROI.

  • Tech giants have been pioneers when it comes to social media marketing, take the following industry leaders as examples of how different social media campaigns suit different businesses within the same industry.
  • Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, GE, HP, and Dell all use carefully chosen platforms when marketing new products and services. HP and IBM both use LinkedIn, HP was the first to have one million followers. Microsoft has over 900,000 on Instagram, GE has 27,000 on Pinterest, and Cisco uses Twitter to promote its technological ideas.

One demographic you can use is age. Instagram, Facebook, and YouTubes usage vary between ages. All are popular with adults aged between 18 to 29, but then Instagram and YouTube’s usage drops away with adults aged 30 to 49. At the same time, Facebook is their chosen platform and remains so with adults aged 50 to 64.

These statistically driven demographical results can help you chose different platforms for different marketing strategies and product placements, and used correctly, you can better determine how to reach your target audience.

  1. Adapt Your Social Media Strategies

Now is not a time to blindly continue promoting as if you are oblivious to the global and community tragedies taking place. When people are suffering, they don’t want overly exuberant language and inappropriate emojis. If you put across the wrong message at this time, it might fall flat, and the repercussions for your brand could be devastating.

When rethinking your strategy, put yourself in the shoes of your readers. Most are focusing on physical and mental health issues, feeding the family, home-schooling, and for some, basic survival. So, if your products or services aren’t relevant at this time, don’t promote them, instead look at ways of using your social media platforms for offering support, helpful information, guidance, and provide credible resources.

One approach to consider is how people are now using social media as a replacement for everyday physical interaction. They are watching videos and live broadcasts more, and these are ways for you to connect with your online community on a personal level.

Know what your posting. If you’re using an editorial calendar tool, review what’s due to be released. Check that what you’re posting is relevant and sensitive to your online communities’ situation, and follow your social media analytics to see how users are engaging with your posts; if there’s no engagement, it might be time to reduce or remove it.

  1. Promote with A Social Conscience

Relating to what I wrote above, if you do have products or services that are relevant during the current crises, then you should be promoting them via your social platforms. But again, there are things to consider to ensure you get it right and don’t come across as a cold-hearted 2nd hand car salesperson, no offense meant.

Saying that you need to sell to stay in business, and if you don’t sell, all the well-intentioned words in the world could mean naught come to the end of the crises. A balanced approach can help you keep on selling while ensuring you’re serving the community and come across as genuinely sincere.

Focus on what benefits your products or services provide, highlight them across your chosen social media platforms, and show how they can help solve any problems people are currently having and encourage them to share. If possible, run a temporarily reduced pricing model, an installment payment plan, or even a deferred one. It’s better to sell now and get paid later than not get paid at all.

The Last Word

Whatever your business or service you offer, whether by video, home delivery, remote learning or deferred payments, use social media to spread the word in a sensitive and consciences way, and your community will remember you for it.