How Smartphones Are Changing the Online Gambling Industry?

No doubt, the gambling industry is constantly evolving. A few decades ago, it was unimaginable to play casino games without visiting the land casinos. While this was the norm, the introduction of online gambling changed the market. Now betting from anywhere is possible with your smartphones.

Smartphones appear to have changed the online gambling industry a lot. From various findings, it seems smartphones have prompted the relaxation of some betting regulations. You may begin to ask how?

For instance, assuming you reside in South Africa, was it easy to stake a bet on the US Lottery a few years ago without visiting a bookmaker or pool shop? 

Near impossible! With the smartphone you can stake bets whenever and from wherever.

Online Gambling Industry Recent Changes

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the online gambling industry was already recording some notable changes. For instance, most online casinos started promoting the online live dealership. Although when the live dealership was first introduced online, the acceptance was poor. More so, poor connections and timeouts in between games were some of the challenges. Frankly, all that has improved.

Below are recent changes recorded in the online gambling industry:

  • Introduction of Mobile Apps: With the various online casino apps, you can also enjoy the same gameplay and features. Casino apps are optimized to offer the same features as their websites.


  • Faster Online Banking Methods: The introduction of some payment methods such as Apple Pay, Pay by Phone, etc. has made a huge difference. Their withdrawal and deposit timeframe are faster. 


  • Virtual Reality Casinos: VRC is the most recent innovation as regards online gambling. Some may argue differently, but so many online casino platforms are embracing this new trend.


  • Blockchain Casinos: These casinos accept cryptocurrency. Also, they seem more secure, and players remain anonymous most of the time.


  • New Operational Policies: The most notable online gambling policy is the limitation of the amount a player can wager weekly, daily, or monthly. Most popular gambling markets, the UK, the US, Sweden, etc. have also adopted new online gambling measures.

Don’t forget, a lot of regulations have also been relaxed to accommodate online gambling. In most cases, it depends on the region and country. 

Mobile Casinos Potential Growth in 2021-2023

Considering the vast losses recorded this year by most land-based casinos, experts have predicted that the mobile casino industry will boom in 2021 and beyond. Various statistics have shown that mobile casinos gained a lot of patronage during the lockdown. In some countries, they recorded almost a 100 percent increase.

The COVID-19 pandemic has influenced more companies to veer into the mobile casino market. Various statistics concerning mobile casinos’ industry growth from 2017 to 2019 clearly show an upward trend. However, the lockdown this year stopped regular land-based casino customers from leaving their homes. Meanwhile, within this period, most online casinos were still functional. This gave room for more gambling. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has made most countries adopt stricter gambling measures at land casinos. As you may know, gamblers have to wear a face mask, stay meters apart, and abide by other strict regulations to play at land-based casinos. It also appears that these regulations will continue for some time. Therefore, to avoid such discomfort, most gamblers will opt for mobile casinos. Factors that may influence growth in the mobile casino industry are:

  • New millennium gamblers
  • A switch from a land-based casino to online gambling
  • The introduction of Virtual Reality casinos
  • Innovative gaming technologies
  • Rising of new markets

Also, innovative apps and new gambling options will boost this growth. Land-based casinos will naturally want to seek other avenues to recover from their losses this year. 

How Casino Apps May Change the Industry Overall?

Casino apps are gradually gaining some ground in the online casino industry. Apart from the ease of accessing the online casino games and other features, apps are faster. Interestingly, most of these casino apps are available on Apple Store and Google Play store. 

Besides, playing with mobile apps offers you the same gambling experience as playing on your PC. In fact, casino apps’ graphics and usability are usually awesome. Nonetheless, this fantastic experience will entirely depend on the casino app you are using. No wonder you need to play on top online casinos to enjoy a quality gambling experience. Meanwhile, Jackpot Cash casino mobile offers amazing mobile gaming services with an impressive app. 

However, one of the challenges with casino apps is their unavailability for some mobile gadgets. To date, most online casinos don’t have an app for some mobile devices. In most cases, you may find an online casino with an app for Android devices and non for iOS devices and vice versa. No wonder most players still opt to play via their favorite casino website.

Overall, casino apps may likely bring to a close the playing of casino games via websites. No doubt, they are faster and mobile-friendly.


It is unimaginable to predict a future without smartphones, especially in the gambling industry. The introduction of smartphones is partly the reason for most of the growth experienced in the online gambling industry. 

Presumably, there are some challenges too. Security and the safety of gamblers’ details remain the most discussed. The introduction of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Firewall technologies has not stopped hackers from attempting to access online casino archives. Consequently, for a robust online casino industry, more security measures should be adopted.

Finally, the use of smartphones to play at online sites is still very popular. But smartphones have changed the entire gambling industry. While other striving online gambling industries are adopting these innovations, some are yet to follow the trend. An online casino that hopes to remain relevant in the future must make their platforms compatible with the various mobile devices. The world has adopted smartphones as an integral part of business and communication. Therefore, any casino that wants to remain relevant must do the same.