How Reliable Is the Technology Behind Slot Machine RTP?

There are so many aspects in the creation process of a modern day slot machine from aesthetics, functionality, features, and entertainment aspect, as well as the mathematics that keeps all the factors tied together. Slots are no longer simply basic reel games with enticing graphics. Companies that provide operators with new age, digital slots need excellent mathematicians as well as creative minds for the design. So, where does the mathematics fit in exactly? Well, RTP is their primary job and is crucial to say the least!

Looking For Slots With a High RTP?

When it comes to slot machines, some of the most important characteristics that, for example, slot reviews give about specific titles are bonus features, gameplay, theme, RTP, and volatility. You probably know this, but there are many players that actually search which slots to play based on the RTP of the games. If you are also interested in this you can easily find details of the highest RTP slots at and find out which make the top 10 slots that give the best statistical outcome. But what is RTP exactly and how does it work? Is it in actually in favor of the player or not?

Breaking Down the RTP

When you play a slot machine you’ve always probably wonder how much you can win in a single session and this is where RTP comes into play. RTP stands for a theoretical return to player rate. In in increasingly fast-paced digital age, developers need to draw on a number of factors such as tech, design and mathematic algorithms to contribute to their end product – A desirable slot game for players. Let’s break this all down, starting firstly with RTP.:

Let’s say that you play a slot machine with an RTP of 97% and you bet a total of £1,000. Theoretically and statistically, this particular slot machine will return 97% of the total bet back to you; in this case £970. So, you won’t be in that much of a loss if everything evolves as the theory would suggest, but sadly this is not exactly how things work.

The RTP cannot be realized after just one short session of a few hundreds or thousands of spins. No, RTP is the return to the player percentage that is realized in the long run. One session means nothing as it takes countless of spins for RTP to show its essence. And most importantly, wouldn’t it be boring to just stake £10 and get 97% of it back all the time? If you are a true slot enthusiast, you will know that playing slots is a lot more exciting than getting 97% of your bet back over and over again.

But How Do Slot Providers Get to the RTP?

The whole process of setting up the return to player rate percentage (RTP) is pretty complicated. Game providers don’t just think of a number or percentage the game will return to the player and set it at that figure. Remember those mathematicians we mentioned in the beginning? Well, this is where their skills come into play.

They use various mathematical methods to determine the return rate to the player. This process includes evaluating all combinations in a game. So they would use the payouts of all symbols in a particular game and run through all combinations in the base game as well as bonus features and jackpots (if the game comes with one). Combine all that mathematical analysis together and you have the games RTP. This all works together with the RNG technology (random number generator) so that each spin fills out the reels with random symbols. Nothing is left up to a player, casino, or the provider. The game will randomly work out everything and in the end, it is all up to luck and somewhat statistics (RTP in the long run) to determine the outcome. So the whole technology behind the RTP cannot be beaten in any way by anyone and remains impartial.

Is RTP Something We Can Rely Upon?

Can you actually choose a slot with a high RTP and expect it to do its part in giving you more of your bet back? Well, theoretically, yes. But things work differently in practice, especially when you play short sessions where RTP won’t come into play totally. But on the other hand, this is the charm of slot machines; everything is up to random outcomes in the end.

In your short session, you can get not only your bet back but win hundreds or thousands of times more. In the end, it is theoretically better to choose slots with a higher RTP as it has the potential of giving back more than games with a lower RTP rate.

There are always speculations that RTP means nothing and that games are rigged, but this is not actually true in its entirety. Of course, there are always suspicious sites with copies of original slot machines where RTP is not as stated nor they use RNG technology. But these sites are in the minority and can be always avoided by staying safe online by using a reputable online casino where you can freely enjoy slots without fear of being conned. It’s also worth noting that casinos themselves have nothing to do with RTPs, that is all in the hands of the provider. So in the end, if a slot states its RTP to be 97%, it is that and nothing more or less than that.

Choose a Slot With a High RTP and Hope For the Best

All in all, RTPs are determined in a controlled environment of mathematicians and you can rely upon those numbers. Players always seek slots with a higher RTP which is understandable because there is a difference in play between those and slots with a lower RTP after all. And that is the advantage of higher RTPs that players seek for – there is a bigger chance of winning more.