How Bookmakers Have Used Technology to Complete Their Service

The betting industry has seen many changes over the years. The days of smoke-filled betting shops are a thing of the past. These still exist, but mainly serve the old brigade.

For new punters, there is a state of the art, technology fuelled environment in which to play. This involves placing all bets online, though there are two ways to do this.

The first is to log onto the bookmaker’s site using a desktop computer and place your bets that way.

The second comes thanks to many advancements in mobile technology. This is to download an app to your phone and place your bets through that.

This enables complete freedom with betting, all you need is your device and an internet connection, and you can bet anywhere you like.

How Mobile Technology Has Aided Online Bookmakers

If you want to be one of the biggest and best bookmakers in the industry then you simply have to offer a mobile service. For many, this is in the shape of a betting app.

The big bookmakers have these in place, and you are able to bet either via your phone or on a computer with them. Online bookies such as those listed on FreeBets.uk give punters two options to place bets, with only one account needed.

While betting at home always looked like the perfect solution to betting shops, it was soon realised that this forced people to stay at home to bet.

Your mobile offers you a solution to that. Whether you are with friends, at work, at a sporting event or anywhere else, the device in your pocket is home to a bookmaker you can use when needed.

Other Industries Using the Same Technology to Good Effect

Sports betting is not the only method of gambling you can do on your phone. Other parts of the gambling industry are using the same technology to help improve their service.

This includes casinos and poker companies, who are creating apps that their players can download and use to access the games on offer.

The technology hubs around the UK have worked on many projects during their time, and what they have created has been used by many parts of the gambling industry, to the benefit of their customers.

Some people may use this as it is more convenient playing from the sofa than sitting at a computer, not necessarily because they are away from home.

Armed with a phone and an internet connection, in terms of gambling via any means, the world really is your oyster.

Not only has this been built due to the success we have seen, but also the fear of being left behind. Regardless of the industry, mobile availability plays a huge role, without that you are being left behind and no one wants to have that.

What to Expect in the Future?

In many aspects, we have probably seen the end of mobile technology helping the betting industry.

The service on offer now is in the hands of the gamblers using it. Thanks to mobile apps, you can bet anywhere you like, there is nothing else to build on in terms of the freedom and flexibility of betting.

So, what can be used in the future? There is one thing standing out that could be a potential add-on in years to come.

This is to implement voice-activation software into betting apps. With technology around the home such as Alexa, people are becoming used to speaking to technology and voicing what they want to do.

In the future, this could be implemented into betting, so rather than finding all your selections, you can simply tell the app what you want to bet on and the app will place the bet for you.