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We believe in unicorns – it’s time our politics did too

Unicorn Project tech budget
Image credit: Vershinin89 / Shutterstock

This budget week will likely be the last before a general election that, regardless of the outcome, will herald significant change.

As we all know, Britain faces huge challenges. There’s a major growth challenge, there’s a cost of living crisis, and public services are in trouble for both the public and businesses who use them.

So the unenviable task for the chancellor on Wednesday is twofold – how to set out a potentially election-winning strategy for this year and an economy-fixing one for the next decade.

That all sounds pretty dour, but at the same time as Britain has stagnated, over the past ten years one segment of the economy has really succeeded – tech.

Of course, you know this, you’re here reading UKTN and seeing the stream of great companies, funding rounds and exciting progress....