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War in Ukraine means defence tech is no longer taboo for startups

Ukraine defence tech

This week marks the grim two-year milestone of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. It’s an unfortunate truth that war breeds innovation. Yet the accelerated development of defence tech to aid Ukraine’s war effort – from both Ukraine itself and its allies – has prompted a remarkable display of unity within the European tech ecosystem.

From drones and anti-drone technology, to AI and cybersecurity, technological innovation has proven to be truly invaluable to the defence of Ukraine.

Many startups and investors have in the past cordoned off defence as a risky or controversial business opportunity. But the sentiment towards defence tech has shifted as the war in Ukraine has progressed and the need for innovative defence tactics has become clear.

No longer shrouded in controversy and met with investor hesitancy, the European tech community is warming to it as a legitimate sector for tech innovation....