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UK tech hiring storm has passed, but cloud hangs over diversity stats

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Image credit: Mix Tape / Shutterstock

After nearly two years of hiring freezes and cuts, employment in the tech sector is finally on the rise again. Data published last week by the ONS found that, from Q1 to Q2 this year, more than 85,000 people were hired into tech roles in the UK.

These are encouraging statistics, indicating that the dip that followed the post-pandemic tech boom may have bottomed out. It confirmed the potential of the tech sector to lead the UK’s wider recovery amid an otherwise challenging economic environment.

Despite these figures, the tech industry’s recruitment challenge is far from solved. In the same period this year, the number of women working in tech actually declined by 3,000.

Improving diversity has been a long-standing challenge for the UK tech sector, alongside a national digital skills gap that only seems to be widening....