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The UK has a life science literacy problem that goes beyond investors

UK life sciences literacy
Image credit: Comaniciu Dan / Shutterstock

There’s an awakening in the world of deeptech investment that if you want results, you need specialists.

Deeptech founders will often cite that there is a dearth of investors operating in the UK who possess the requisite knowledge and experience to help a science-based spinout navigate the vicissitudes of scaling all the way through to IPO.

This isn’t so much a new problem, as one that has been repackaged for the modern era. In 1969, Prime Minister Harold Wilson said: “First we must produce more scientists, secondly having produced them we must be a great deal more successful in keeping them in this country. Thirdly, having trained them and kept them here, we must make more intelligent use of them when they are trained, than we do with those we have got, and fourthly we must organise British industry so that it applies the results of scientific research more purposefully to our national production effort.”...