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Privacy-enhancing technologies shouldn’t be an afterthought for startups

privacy enhancing technologies
Image credit: Thitichaya Yajampa / Shutterstock

Running out of cash is a common cause of startup failure. Many fledgling organisations focus on growth strategies such as customer acquisition and product development. This means data privacy may not be high on the list. However, the cost of a data breach can be catastrophic.

Cash-strapped startups should keep privacy-enhancing technologies in mind when developing their data-privacy strategy. Privacy-enhancing technologies, or PETs, are deployed by businesses when collecting, storing, and processing information.

A business might use these technologies in the hope that they will provide the organisation with a minimised risk of data breaches, all while preserving the data’s utility.

Some of the key PET techniques and applications are:

– Anonymisation tools

– Encryption techniques

– Trusted execution environments

– AI-generated synthetic data...