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Scaling in the US without a physical presence – lessons from a CEO

US scaling

Many businesses explore the US when they’re scaling internationally – and with good reason. Firstly, the US is the world’s largest economy and has a lucrative market for international businesses to tap into. The tech landscape in the US is also more geared towards risk-taking and has greater access to funding through a much larger pool of investors.

Conventional scaling wisdom says that you need to establish a physical presence in the US. Key members of the leadership team should relocate there. People need to be employed. That may be the case for B2B businesses where meeting in person is important, but for B2C we have proven out another, easier way.

For TrustedHousesitters, based in Brighton, UK, and staffed by Europeans, expanding into the US market hasn’t come without its challenges, principally: allocating scarce resources towards making the expansion a success, acknowledging and understanding the cultural differences and taking a US- first approach....