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Rumours of its death have been exaggerated, but can we breathe new life into the metaverse?

Is the metaverse dead?
Image credit: TheCatEmpire Studio / Shutterstock

It seems almost as unlikely as the firm’s name but Improbable CEO Herman Narula tells me, during our chat for the UKTN Podcast, that one of his engineering team came to a virtual staff meeting as a potato.

Despite it being the strangest sentence yet in any of my podcasts, it isn’t the most surprising thing he tells me. The whole premise of our chat is that, far from being dead, the metaverse is only just beginning to come to life.

To put that statement in context, we need to rewind the fickle tape of history for a minute. Back in 2021, everyone was talking about the metaverse, even if they didn’t entirely understand what it was.

I wrote a 4,000-word essay on it, speaking to a man who had made millions buying up virtual real estate in places like Decentraland, and others who were putting huge investments into building virtual worlds....