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Why Hong Kong can be a gateway for UK tech in APAC

Hong Kong UK tech trade mission
Image credit: leungchopan / Shutterstock

Hong Kong has a pro-business administration and well-developed infrastructure that makes it a perfect foothold for UK tech companies not just in China, but in the wider Asia Pacific region. 

Like many British tech founders, my engagement with Hong Kong began in part due to the sophistication of doing business in Asia Pacific. I’ve been travelling to Hong Kong for more than a decade, and actively working there with Hewlett Rand for more than six years, and know from experience the vast untapped opportunity that’s here for UK tech.

That’s why this November, Tech West England Advocates is leading the first-ever Global Tech Advocates trade mission for British businesses to Hong Kong. As part of that, we’re launching the Tech Hong Kong Advocates group and running events to enable British tech founders to make connections and foster deals in one of the most important business markets in the world....