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6 things every doctor considering a career in health tech should know

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I spent four years working as a doctor in the NHS, a career that was rewarding, challenging and inspiring in equal measure. But the more time I spent on hospital floors, the more passionate I became about finding solutions to the problems draining time and resources from the health system.

Eventually, I decided to put my experience and insights to use in working full-time on building tech to fix these problems, and I entered the world of health tech in 2016 when I founded Credentially.

Today, I’m often approached by other doctors considering a switch to health tech asking for my advice – here are the six things I tell them.

1. You are not ‘failing’ your patients by stepping back from the frontline

First off, it’s important to recognise that, as a trained doctor, there are many different avenues you can take to help patients. Just because you’re not spending every hour of your professional life in a clinical environment, it doesn’t mean that you’re ‘wasting’ your skills....