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How to create an exit strategy for your tech startup

Exit strategy

Nick Jones, partner and head of technology at Cavendish Corporate Finance, which advises exclusively on sell side M&A to mid-market companies, explains how startups can create a decent exit strategy.

Preparing to sell your business is a lengthy and complex process. Getting the timing right for the sale of a business represents one of the key factors to achieve the best price on sale.

Rather than rush for the exit, business owners should start planning well in advance of a sale to get the best deal.

Selling is all about crystallising the value a business owner has created and has the principal benefit of de-risking the shareholders away from what is often their main asset. This comes at the price of exiting a business that the owner has control and intimate knowledge of with then a need to reinvest the proceeds in other asset classes where the seller perhaps has less knowledge and less control....