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AI is testing the limits of copyright law

AI copyright
Image credit: Cagkan Sayin / Shutterstock

Copyright is the latest battleground for AI. Technology companies want easy access to large quantities of data to train their AI models. Content creators say their intellectual property is being used without permission or recompense.

Most existing intellectual property laws were not written with AI in mind. Now, the rules of engagement are being tested on multiple fronts in several high-profile lawsuits.

The New York Times claims that OpenAI’s ChatGPT is copying source data for the system to learn and generate new content. But it also goes one step further to claim that ChatGPT has repeated source data verbatim in its output.

As a general rule under existing copyright law, permission would be required to make use of publishers’ content in this way. OpenAI has argued that AI development will be impossible under such restrictions....